Thanks to the Internet and the globalization all boundaries started to disappear in the trading and business world. For any size company it is becoming much easier to reach new markets, and customers to sell their products, as well as locating vendors. Even though it sounds like there are endless of opportunities; international business has many challenges. Especially if it is a small or mid size businesses, you are taking a bigger risk than you think. There are many obstacles when going global. Here are the top 5 challenges 那 small businesses may experience when doing international business:

法规& 规章制度:每个国家/地区都有自己的法规和法律,有义务了解它们。进口商和出口商必须了解国际法。在决定与中小型公司走向全球之后,研究应该是您要做的第一件事。在某些国家/地区可能会禁止某些产品,即使您可能不了解这些限制,但如果您运送这些产品,您的公司也将陷入困境。

成本: This is one of the key factors 那 will drive you and your company towards international business. You must calculate all possible costs 那 may be incur. How do you get the products delivered in the most economical way? This is the question 那 you must find the most accurate answer for. At the end of the day if the total cost will be more then your expectation you may reconsider taking the risks of opening your door to international business.

沟通困难和文化差异: 您的海外业务合作伙伴可能不会说您所知道的语言,这可能会成为您业务的另一个障碍。您可能会认为,“that’s是Google翻译的用途”?好吧,对于您好和谢谢您这样的短语,这可能是一个小帮助,但是Google Translate并非100%准确。成功的沟通是我们生活中一切的关键因素,如果您无法有效沟通–您如何期望以正确的数量出售或购买正确的产品?交易可能不会像您理想中的那样顺利进行。我们也不要忘记因文化差异而可能遇到的障碍。当您意识到文化差异,例如沟通方式,宗教信仰,权力结构以及对时间和工作的态度时,您与其他文化的人的关系就会得到改善。因此要学习并尝试去了解这个国家’决定在那做生意之前的文化结构。

付款方式和货币汇率: These are other obstacles 那 the small business owner must address before accepting or placing international orders. Countries may have different payment methods 那 are locally popular, but may not be commonly used internationally. In order to secure your business always select the safest option for you. The currency exchange rate is also of importance. You must be aware of the currency exchange rates at the time of buying or selling your products. Drastical changes on the exchange rates may hit your business. We all know 那 every penny counts for small businesses, so why risk it?

选择正确的运输方式: 如何以及时,安全和具有成本效益的方式运输货物?空运,拼箱或整箱哪个选项最适合您和您的商品?如果您是航运业的新手,这些问题可能看起来很复杂。开始使用时,您可能希望降低风险并使用3PL’因为他们具有小公司所没有的物流经验,知识和软件,并且其花费比雇用具有这种专业知识的员工要少。