Motivation is perishable. Do you have days where you wake up, 和 you have a fire in in your stomach 那 burns throughout the day 和 you feel unstoppable? Why can’t everyday be like 那? In life we all develop a decision portfolio, 和 the older you get the bigger your portfolio. What would you see if you looked into your decision portfolio? Do you consistently make choices 那 are aligned with your goals? Do you wake up every morning determined to be better than yesterday? If not, why do you think 那 is?



神经语言程式– NLP


阿尔夫·英格·斯蒂安森 is a Norwegian performance coach 和 consultant who specializes in NLP 和 performance management. His coaching is not only targeted towards business 和 career achievements, but also towards overall life fulfillment. He once said something 那 stuck with me: “In business we spend time to develop vision, values 和 goals. When did you do 那 with your family 和 for yourself?”这是有道理的。您是否花时间思考自己的人生愿景,超越职业和职业生涯,以及要实现的价值观和目标?

在动机和自助方面,托尼·罗宾斯是一个鲜活的传奇人物。罗宾斯’工作受到NLP的影响,但他使用了他的商标科学  神经联想条件. 罗宾斯出版了两本畅销书– “唤醒内心巨人”“Unlimited Power”。观看这三分钟的电影,了解他的策略,以最大程度地发挥您的潜力,看看您是否受到启发“成为人类卓越的猎人”:



Øyvind has an ability to open your eyes to how you perceive yourself, others 和 how you react to things 那 are out of your control. He stresses 那 it is easy to go through life in autopilot, 和 living a life 那 you are not content with. We allow too many factors to alter our motivation 和 our goals; traffic, bills, stress &缺乏时间,别人预测的精力不好。

现在就在眼前,不要让您的头脑迷恋昨天,明天和以后的想法,这是很少有人拥有的一项技能。 Øyvind掌握了这一点,当您与他交谈时,他会给予您全神贯注的关注。他对人们,他们的个性以及他们所说的内容真正感兴趣。您无法改变过去。发生的事情已经发生了,您唯一可以改变的就是对当前的感知。我们经常以过去为借口,如果“that”没发生,我的礼物会更好。现在,最简单的方式就是接受过去。这不仅容易,而且因为您无法改变过去,所以这是最聪明,最有效的事情。您的礼物是您所有思想,精力和行动都应该存在的地方– because your present creates your future. Øyvind says 那 we should all live today as a consequence of how 和 where we want to be in the future.

In 2008, Øyvind decided he wanted to get a black belt in karate. The average time it takes to achieve a black belt is five years. Øyvind did it in one year. He then joined the Norwegian National team to Japan for the Karate World Championship as a motivational coach. Motivation is contagious, whether it is positively or negatively charged. We have all met people 那 seem to be so content with where they are, 和 simply love doing what they are doing. If you apply thought 和 effort to become 那 person, you not only help yourself but you will change the perceptions 和 attitudes of people around you.

Think about the various elements in your life. Work, your friendships, your relationship to your family, your physical health 和 level of fitness, how often you laugh 和 your relationship with yourself. These are all elements 那 you can influence. Øyvind asks how you would want those elements to be, if you could choose from the top shelf?

Motivation starts with a reason, a want. The more reasons you have, 和 the stronger your want is, the more fuel you have for your motivation tank to complete your journey 那 will bring you to the finish line. In order to find enough reasons, Øyvind says; ask questions, 和 write the answers down.

Then go on to write down your starting point. Where you are today will help you establish the distance from where you are 和 where you want to go. How much change is needed? The reason you are there is because you have created realities (excuses) 那 have allowed you to avoid pain, instead of achieving pleasure.  In Øyvind’s words: “作为人类,我们努力避免痛苦并获得愉悦。避免痛苦比获得快乐更强大。”

记住,人生平凡与平凡之间唯一存在的是 额外. Find what 那 额外 means for you, 和 make a strategy on how to incorporate it into your everyday decisions.



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